Your Instructor

Lloyd Strevens

In my previous life as a corporate business analyst I became well aware of the impact of modern living on our bodies. Sitting at computers for long hours then further sitting while travelling and relaxing all takes its toll on our posture and comfort. The injuries to my back became more frequent and my visits to the physiotherapist more regular.


Then I started Pilates. At first I was pretty sceptical but decided I would continue while my lower back remained injury free. After a few months I was hooked. I found I could play with my young son without fear of pain (well nearly), could bend, garden and just move without the worry that this might be the day that sends me back to the physio.


After enjoying Pilates as a student for some time I decided to study Pilates and become an instructor. I can now pass on the benefits of Pilates to my clients and assist everyone in achievng improved posture,increased strength and a better quality of life.

Keystone Pilates
Studio Location

The Faulder Watson Hall on Barker Street in Castlemaine offers a unique historical experience for your pilates class. The hall is decorated with photographs and drawings of Castlemaine's golden history. The studio is situated on the main road in Castlemaine and has convenient parking nearby for your class, as well as shops and cafes for your enjoyment when the class is completed.