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Welcome to Keystone Pilates

Situated in the heart of Castlemaine, Keystone Pilates offers a relaxed, friendly atmosphere for people of all ages and fitness levels.

Our studio in Faulder Watson Hall is fully equipped with apparatus including Reformers, Cadillac and Wunda Chair, and a range of props. We offer small classes, in person and online, to help you focus on improving strength, flexibility, balance and overall physical confidence.

The Pilates system encompasses many different exercises that can be modified in difficulty, from beginner to advanced, to help you achieve specific goals, assist recovery from injury and overcome limitations.

The system, based on methods developed by Joseph Pilates in the early part of the twentieth century, aims to strengthen the body uniformly by focusing on core stabilisation and postural alignment, and the integration of the mind and body.

Studio Location
The studio, on Barker Street next to the Post Office, has convenient parking nearby, as well as shops and cafes for your enjoyment when the class is completed.

Faulder Watson Hall also offers a unique historical experience for your Pilates class. Built in 1894 by the the Pioneers and Old Residents Association, the hall is decorated with photographs and drawings of Castlemaine's golden history. 

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